Buy Paddling Shorts in Australia with Padding for More Comfort

When you buy paddling shorts in Australia that have a padded backside to help protect against aches and pains, combined with silicone to prevent slippage, your stroke will be better controlled and stronger. JPX2 has designed paddling shorts and pants that keep your seat and allow maximum movement. We use materials that dry quickly and fit snuggly so that you can focus on your stroke and not your clothing. Our extensive range of sizes ensures you will find a fit for your body.

What You Can Expect from JPX2 When Buying Paddling Pants in Australia

Comfort and flexibility are key when paddling. Restrictive clothing will hinder your movements and make your efforts less productive leaving you frustrated and distracted.

  • Our paddling pants are made from 4-way stretch elastane/polyester blend that’s well-fitting and yet allows freedom of movement without slippage. The high waist keeps your back covered when you lean forward during a stroke.
  • The silicone lined padding on the backside helps too prevents slipping which maintains your position and reduces sores created by friction, and the padding offers a more comfortable seat.
  • Our paddling pants are quick drying to reduce chaffing and come in two lengths. Our paddling shorts and pants come in men’s and women’s sizes from XS to 2XL, so you’re sure to find the correct fit for your body.

Problems Buying Paddling Shorts Padded in Australia

Wearing clothing that moves with you and retains its shape is essential for competitive athletes and weekend warriors. Clothing designed especially for your sport offers you a great advantage.

  • Buying clothing that is not designed explicitly for paddling activities can cause discomfort and be a distraction during competition.
  • Finding quality clothing that holds its shape and reduces slipping allows you to focus on your movements and not the discomfort of your garments.
  • Clothing that prevents slipping helps you hold your seat allowing you to dig into your stroke without losing your balance providing a more powerful stroke.

Quality clothing designed especially for your sport offers you comfort and flexibility so you can reach further and push your limits.

Why JPX2 is Cost Effective

Our clothing is designed to perform well and last a long time. Our goal is to offer clothing that moves with you while staying in place providing you with comfort that allows you to perform at your very best. Our competitive pricing coupled with our customer loyalty program helps make our paddling shorts and pants excellent value for your money.

When it comes to paddling activities, clothing that moves with you while keeping you seated securely provides you with a broader range of movement and more efficient strokes. With sizes to fit every body size and type, you are assured a comfortable fit. If you’re not sure which size is right for you, give us a call, and we’ll help you navigate the size chart. Look for our stall at major regattas to experience the texture and stability benefits of our paddling shorts made for Australian athletes.